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Naturform, France is the fashion brand of chic wedge sandals made by Worishofer Germany. Distributed exclusively by Nieves Lavi

Worishofer® Footwear, named after a Bavarian spa town where the footwear is made, is bridging the gap between chic style and comfort. Originally designed as a sensibly styled work and comfort shoe for orthopedic patients, the redesigned colors and designs have brought Worishofer footwear into a new arena of classy and casual possibilities. Originally dubbed "granny chic," Worishofer's open-toe sandals provide a light, breathable and contoured design that supports your feet and back while the cork outsoles absorb shock. And with their variety of colors and styles, Worishofer footwear can be dressed up for a night out without having to worry about comfort.

Their sandals can be used from work to play, As a stylish staple for anyone who spends their days on their feet. Finally, style and comfort combined! So come on, ladies! Stop torturing your feet with high heels and get a beautiful shoe you will actually enjoy wearing.

Dakota Fanning | Michelle Williams | Kirsten Dunst

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