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Ethical and sustainable accessories for the modern free spirit.

Nieves Lavi is thrilled to carry Kayu bags, we believe it is the summer essential bag!


Kayu products are handmade using indigenous techniques. Each bag takes days to make and bears the artist's mark.
The company works with cooperatives and artisans and pay them a fair, living wage.
They are committed to ensuring each artisan has a safe, comfortable and clean working environment.

Kayu uses locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials including natural straw, sustainably sourced shell and recycled wood.
That means these bags are mostly biodegradable too!


Philippines | California

Kayu work with women cooperatives in the Philippines who weave and embroider the bags by hand.
Most of these women are mothers, and making our bags allows them to earn a living as well as look after their children.

Our bags and hats are made from natural straw that has been harvested, stripped and dyed by hand.
We mainly work with seagrass a fast growing grass traditionally known as a weed.

The majority of “straw” on the market is made of plastic which stays in our ecosystem forever.
Our straw fades with time giving it a unique patina. Eventually this straw will biodegrade and return to the earth.

Kayu hats are carefully handcrafted by artisans in Ecuador out of traditional toquilla straw. Each hat is made using
indigenous techniques that have been passed down through the generations preserving and promoting the artist’s unique cultural heritage.

Meghan Markle | Reese Witherspoon | Meghan Markle | Julianne Hough

Kayu has gained a true cult following by many fashionistas and celebrities alike – Meghan Markle, Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon to name a few. We know you will love them as much as we do!

St.Tropez Tote

Rey Hat

Selma Tote

Jane Clutch



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