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The BY FOUTAS company are committed to eco-responsibility.
They are working directly with a family-owned artisanal workshop from a village in Tunisia.
To perpetuate the design of this ancestral fabric, its created using an artisanal production process.

Using a loom, the fouta is woven with 100% recycled cotton then cut to the desired dimensions.
The artisanal foutas are then woven from edge to edge which improves both their aesthetics and durability.

Finally, they are transported to the homes of craftswomen who tie the fringes by hand.
This brings additional income to their houses. In order to fight against the over-consumption
of paper and plastic, they use packaging, which is both recycled and recyclable


The fouta is originally a traditional hammam towel used across North Africa and Turkey.
They have quickly become coveted by the fashion conscious and well traveled in Europe and around the world.
We now find it used at the beach, at the swimming pool as a pareo and even in interiors. As a sofa throw,
bed throw, blanket, tablecloth or bathroom linen. Foutas are absorbent, quick-drying, thin, light and super chic!

Fouta Mandarin

Fouta Ocean Blue

Fouta Concrete

Fouta Sahara


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