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Guanabana's owner and designer is Almudena Espinosa, she was born in Spain, daughter of a Spanish
father and a Colombian mother. passionate about Peruvian and Colombian crafts In 2005 she founded
Guanabana a company specializing in Colombian home decoration and accessories.


The quality of Guanabana's products is essential to ensure their durability and uniqueness. They work
with artisanal techniques, respecting local traditions and helping communities to defend their crafts.
Guanabana offers their more than 600 artisans the opportunity to choose stable and respectful work in
areas where work has historically been limited, unstable and dependent on the weather and the market.


Faced with the fashion world’s tendency to constantly create new collections of cheap products with little
durability, Guanabana chooses a different path. They emphasize taking care of the processes they use and the
environments of our communities. The result is a timeless product made of durable and quality materials.


At Guanabana, the intention is to always see the beauty and the good side of things, because positivity
is an attitude, a choice. That’s why they send the message “Bepositive”, through their slogan and their colors
that radiate light, beauty and positivity. Guanabana is heart, born from a passion.


“The only thing that remains is change”.

Gaunabana's permanent challenge is to continue to captivate and continue to provide work today.
Guanabana is a living entity in constant evolution, where they dedicate their selves daily to
continue generating new products that continue to delight.

Almudena, Guanábana's CEO and Designer in Greece with her private collection.

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