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K. Jacques was created in 1933 by Jacques and Elise Keklikian in a small workshop in Saint Tropez, with every shoe made to measure. Still a family run company today, three generations have transformed St. Tropez fashion with their iconic shoes of timeless elegance and quality.

K Jacques Rue Allard
Jacques and Elise Keklikian at the rue Allard boutique (1937)

The brand gained a celebrity following from the start with the likes of Brigitte Bardot, who vacationed in the French Riviera every summer, and it continues that tradition today. Make them yours, wear them with everything from jeans to bohemian dresses.

Behind the design:

    • Each pair of sandals requires approximately an hour of labor.

    • Assembly of the sandals involves 46 different steps carried out by the hands of our 28 craftsmen.

    • 123 different elements are assembled for the more complex designs

  • 60 nails are utilized.

K Jacques Fabrication

The sole is made of thick leather

The straps are made of soft leather selected especially by K.Jacques suppliers to ensure K. Jacques’ high standard of quality

The heel is made of natural Hevea rubber, providing grip.

The final step in production is manual polishing of the sandals which gives them their glazed finish and softens the rough edges of the soles.

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