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Canada Tote Bag


$ 425.00


Guanabana's classic tote bag has transformed the classic shopping bag with eye-catching geometric designs and vibrant hues, giving it a unique chic and bohemian vibe. Designed in Madrid and expertly hand-woven by Wayuu artisans in Colombia, this bag features a loose knit and a long, comfortable strap, making it a go-to accessory. The result is a versatile unisex bag that you'll find indispensable. The artisans weave the bases using their designs, so each base is unique and works as their trademark. Finished with a bronze tag on which is inscribed our mantra: Be positive! 

Our advice: its size and shape are perfect for university or work, but you can also wear it to the beach or on a trip!

  • Hand crocheted
  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Approximate Dimension: Height: 14.9"(38 cm) Diameter: 12.2"(31 cm) Handle: 21.2"(54 cm)
  • Each bag is handmade, which makes each piece unique. There can be a small design variance.
  • Machine washable in cold water.


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