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Here at Nieves Lavi, we are 100% women-owned and operated, from design to logistics, sales and accounting. What fun it is to be a team of women, with similar interests and state of mind - we love it.

Today we salute the women's rights pioneers of the women’s rights movement.

We wouldn't be here without their struggle, and for that we are forever thankful.

We remain grateful and aware that women's rights need to be reinforced and protected locally and globally. That’s why we collaborate and support women-owned brands that share our philosophy.

The brands that we work with support women and local communities around the world in hope of a better future.

This International Women’s Day, we want to shine a light on what they do.


Guanabana's owner and designer is Almudena Espinosa, she was born in Spain. She is the daughter of a Spanish father and a Colombian mother.

Passionate about Peruvian and Colombian craftsmanship, she founded Guanabama in 2005, a company specialised in home decoration and accessories from those countries. They create timeless and unique designs that hero artisanal techniques, respecting local traditions and helping communities defend their crafts. Guanabana collaborates socially with the communities they work with. They provide a stable and safe job that they can trust in areas where work has historically been limited and unstable.



Kayu's owner and designer is Jamie Lim. Growing up in South East Asia, Jamie Lim was surrounded by beautiful artisanal crafts and developed an affinity towards them. She then moved to the US, but would go back to Asia quite often. On her visits, she noticed these crafts were slowly disappearing and being replaced by mass-produced alternatives.

Years later, she created Kayu with the mission of preserving the indigenous craft that she grew up loving. Kayu works with women cooperatives in the Philippines who weave and embroider the bags by hand. Most of these women are mothers, and making our bags allows them to earn a living as well as look after their children.



Gemma Levy, a high school senior, founded Moio in December 2020. Descended from generations of Zimbabweans, Gemma has always been drawn to the rich culture of her homeland, especially to the local artisans. She saw the devastating impact the pandemic had on the local economy, with the loss of tourism endangering the livelihood of many craftspeople.

Without taking personal profit, Gemma founded Moio with her mother Danielle. They design, market and ship beautiful handmade beaded bracelets, connecting these local artisans to customers all around the world.

Their project's mission is to equip single mothers with the skills they need to advance economically. By teaching them the vocation of beading, Project Moio is designed to help these disadvantaged mothers acquire the necessary skills and resources to compete in the market.



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