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At Nieves Lavi, we are curators of high-quality artisanal products that fit perfectly into modern life. That's why after searching far and wide, we have partnered with the best artisans from around the world to bring you genuinely eco-friendly and premium Foutas. 

What is a Fouta?

Known under many different names, such as Turkish or peshtemal towels, Foutas have been used in bathhouses in northern Africa for centuries. Their popularity slowly spread across the world, making them today a lifestyle essential. 
The reason they are so cherished and revered can be explained by one factor: they are handwoven and made from 100% eco-friendly Tunisian cotton. Tunisian cotton is known as the finest in the world, and for good reason. The country has a longstanding history with textiles, and its production has been an important cultural cornerstone for thousands of years. The characteristics of this fiber make for the perfect bath towel due to its flatweave and extra long fibers. The result is a luxurious towel that is lightweight, soft and smooth.

Why you'll love their practical beauty

Poolside, while practicing yoga, or to use a throw for a unique design element, foutas are extremely versatile. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them.

As a beach towel 

A must-have beach accessory! Very Absorbent, quick-drying yet leaves the sand behind! The super chic Fouta is the perfect towel to bring with you on your next beach escape. They are extremely soft to the touch and are also generously sized, making them the ideal towel to lay on to relax and catch the sunrays. Because they are extremely lightweight, they also fit perfectly inside your beach bag along with all your beach essentials. 

As a stylish beach cover-up 

A known secret amongst the fashionistas and well-traveled, you can wrap your Fouta around your waist or tie it around your neck as a stylish beach cover-up. Infuse your style with a taste of the French Riviera with our Marinette Saint-Tropez towels, or wrap yourself in artisanal luxury from By Fouta. For the ultimate vacation style, add a pop of color with our Guanabana Canasto bags and beaded Moio bracelets from Zimbabwe, and style it with oversized sunglasses from Linda Farrow and timeless leather sandals from K.Jacques

As a throw or tablecloth

If you are planning on hosting a summer lunch with friends, look no further than your Fouta. Use it as a tablecloth, the ideal background for a delicious grazing board on your terrace table or on the loan in central park for a casual chic picnic!
 They can also be used on the couch as an extra layer of comfort, which you can also use as the perfect blanket on rainy nights. 

Whether you are on a beach vacation or looking to spruce up your home, our Foutas are just what you need for any occasion. At Nieves Lavi, we work hand in hand with producers to ensure you enjoy high-quality, luxurious comfort from every one of our fouta cotton towels. Don't go to the beach without your authentic quality Marinette St Tropez Fouta or By-Fouta brand handmade in Tunisia. It’s always summer somewhere - escape in style!

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