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Dopamine Dressing: The Feel-Good Fashion Trend We're Embracing

Model poses at waterfront wearing a natural hat and white tank top paired with the Nieves Lavi Bardot Skirt in Printemps print, a vibrant and color red fabric with orange and blue floral designs

Can adding more color into your wardrobe improve your mood and make you feel happier? A new trend suggests it can!

It’s called Dopamine Dressing, and we’re here for it.

When Covid hit, comfort dressing was at the forefront of our everyday lives. We swapped our heels for slippers, printed skirts for joggers and flirty dresses for old T-shirts and flannel pajamas. Now that we are on the last mile of the pandemic, dopamine dressing has come to life, bringing a breath of fresh air to our wardrobes and our lives.

Existing at the crossroads of fashion and mindfulness, dopamine dressing is all about wearing bright and happy clothes that make you feel good. And one thing’s for sure: color is back.

But what is dopamine, and how does it relate to fashion?

Think about that first sip of coffee in the morning, or finally slipping on your new favorite dress…what do these two events have in common? Dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain, and is released when we are expecting a reward. The release of dopamine creates feelings of pleasure which in-turn encourage you to repeat the behavior.

So how can clothes increase dopamine? The idea of certain hues having therapeutic qualities has been around for a long time. For example, yellow is associated with optimism, and blue might make you feel serene and calm.

The rich sensory input of your clothes has a strong impact on how you feel. Some interpretations of colors are universal, and in many cultures, brighter colors are associated with positive emotions.

It’s no surprise then that this Spring season’s collections are looking brighter than ever, with many designers embracing a colorful pick-me-up.

Our Take on Dopamine Dressing

Woman posing at waterfront wearing the Amelia Jumpsuit in baby blue

Nieves Lavi Spring Summer 2022 collection, more than ever, is colorful and bright. For the new season, we designed colorful embroidery kaftans and printed dresses, sky blue cotton jumpsuits, and floral skirts. The colorful collection is made in natural fabrics and is stylish without sacrificing comfort.

“Colors make me happy and optimistic, like the sun, the blue sky and water…it’s the essence of my creation, I like to share it through my designs.” - Sharon Lavi, Founder & Creative Director

We believe that Joyful colorful dressing isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Our designs evoke a sense of happiness, transporting you to your favorite summery destination. Whether it’s a quaint seaside restaurant in Positano, the port in St Tropez, or a Sand Bar in St Barths, wearing our colorful styles will remind you of some of the most treasured holidays you’ve had.

Let’s welcome bright colors and joyful dressing to our lives. Fill your wardrobe with styles & color that remind you of happy memories to spread positive energy!

Shop Our Favorite Colorful Styles

Collage of colorful Nieves Lavi original clothing items and accessories, including bags, sandals, and jewelry


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