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It’s that time of year when some lucky people, hopefully you, pack their bags for resort and holiday trips. While you may plan a full itinerary, you certainly don’t plan on getting sick and stressed while on vacation. Here are our few tips to help you feel calm and healthy:

1. Avoid aisle seats on planes. You may want to be more selective when it comes to booking your seat on a plane. Yes, you can get up easily. but not only will you get less rest when your neighbor makes you get up, but you also might be exposed to more traffic in the aisle.

2. Nervous flyer? Practice deep breathing. If you become anxious on flights, a simple technique is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, counting to five with each inhale and exhale. Slowly deepen each breath, working up to counting to 10, and continuing until you feel your body relax.

3. Get plenty of sleep. Try this: A week prior to your trip, gradually shift your bedtime and waking times to match or at least approach that of your destination.

4. Disconnect. Vacation can sometimes be packed with activities for you and your family. As much as you enjoy that time, you also need time for yourself. Take a stroll in nature, on the beach or in the forest, take a bath or meditate. Just little things that help you to reconnect with yourself and to disconnect with the busy world around you.

5. Last but not least, bring your favorite clothes (if you haven't made these ones your favorites, it is not too late!), enjoy some new lotions or new fun jewelry. Enjoy the vacation, take time to dress down , dress up, take care of your skin or go to the spa for a facial and special massage and feel beautiful in your own skin.



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