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As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on the best summer that was. Like every year when the warmer months come around, Sharon escapes to a special destination to tick off her bucket list. This year, she decided to stick to one of her happy places located right across the Atlantic: Portugal.

It’s no secret that Portugal is a popular destination to enjoy a European summer, and for good reasons. From the unique characteristic charm of Lisbon to the historical city of Evora, the small fisherman towns on the coast.., and the long stretches of sandy white beaches…there’s a lot to fall in love with. And of course, we couldn’t forget about the lively people, which you can always get to know better when sipping on some of the finest wine and eating delicious food! 


When in Lisbon, Sharon loves to take day trips visiting Sintra and Cascais for the stunning mountain views, the spectacular castles,  and dreamy beach escapes. Sintra is a Portuguese gem that you absolutely can’t miss, Only 30 minutes away from the capital, roaming the streets of this old town will transport you to a different time in history. It boasts exotic gardens, dewy forests and bright colored palaces that make the place look as though it is torn straight out of a storybook. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful city that’s smaller than Lisbon but with plenty of things to do, then Cascais is just for you. You will find a rocky coastline with scattered viewpoints on one side, and a charming old-but-modern city on the other, spectacular sea views and great beaches and seafood restaurants on the cliffs overlooking the sea. 


It truly wouldn’t be a holiday without indulging in the local cuisine. If you’re in Lisbon, the sexiest place to see the sunset over the river is JAVA Rooftop bar, where the food is great too!

Sharon’s trip wouldn’t have been complete without a lengthy lunch at Cafe Comporta in Praia da Comporta. Also known as the Hamptons of Portugal, they serve the freshest seafood in a trendy ambience right in front of the ocean, with your feet in the sand.

Wondering what you should order on the menu? Everything is good! She recommends ordering Tapisco-small plates for starters, and a pitcher of watermelon sangria! Her favorite dish is the mixed seafood pasta in a pot (a Portuguese specialty) and grilled fish with coriander rice. The  grilled giant red shrimps are also a must-have. The only problem is what to choose!

She also loves to visit the Alentejo region and spend a few days exploring the small villages. If you ever find yourself in Estremoz, be sure to visit Alecrim restaurant for dinner. Her favorite dishes include Prawns fried in garlic, Bacalhau Dourado, and the summer specialty that has become her family’s obsession: beef cheeks stew sandwich. Oh, and they have a great wine selection too!


Of course, Sharon couldn’t make the most of her Portuguese escape without some of her trusted staples. Here’s what she packed in her suitcase: 

And for days spent at the beach, she wore the Tallulah Kaftan Dress in Sand, paired back with the Havana Denim Clutch and colorful Moio bracelets. 


Between its charming villages, regional and fascinating music, cultural sights, rich history and beautiful coastlines, there’s truly something so special about this country.

And while everyone seems to be fixated on transitional dressing, we can’t help but daydream of our next sunny vacation where flowy kaftans and printed dresses are all we will pack. It’s always summer somewhere, escape in style! 


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