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NATURFORM for Nieves Lavi

How a German Orthopedic Sandal Became Chic

Naturform by Worishofer

Nieves Lavi exclusively carries the chicest most comfortable wedge sandals you will ever have!

Looks like Prada and feels like Dr Scholl’s.

The fashionable wedge is the original version of the shoe. It has a high wedge heel and a super slick design.

This sandal has a super soft sole that will support your leg with a light cork heel. The upper part is made from supple leather. These sandals are made exclusively for our brand by a German factory that produce Naturform - the famed orthopedic shoes that are favored by nurses and doctors everywhere. They were made fashionable by celebrities such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.

Nieves Lavi is the only store that carries this Naturform shoe style in the US. Outside the US, this shoe can only be found in high end stores such as Merci in Paris, France.

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